Home IPL RF Hair Removal for Dark Skin

Removing hair with laser removal is the best effective way to remove your unwanted hair. It will make you look more beautiful, sexy, and confident. Can't wear a sleeveless dress or shorts for those unwanted hairs? Then Lukelady Home IPL RF hair removal for dark skin is the savior you might looking for.

The method of removing hair from dark skin is different from lighter skin types. So, if you have a darker skin tone, then you might face difficulties with normal laser hair removals. Most of the home laser removals are just good for removing hair from lighter type skin. But for darker type skin, the options are very few. So, you have to either go to the laser clinic or remove your hair by other methods. But wait, not anymore! Lukelady home IPPL RF hair removal for dark skin is suitable for any type of skin tone. You can simply remove the unwanted hair without any hassle at your home.

You may ask that why people don’t consider IPL laser safe for darker skin. Well, there’s some valid reason for it. Let’s explain. Melanin is a dark pigment which is responsible for the darker tone of hair and skin. The melanin absorbs different wavelengths of light and converts the light into heat energy. This heat damages the hair follicles and stops the growth of the hair. But do you remember that our skin has melanin too? Dark skin has more melanin than pale skin which means dark skin can absorb more light from the IPL laser. So, you might experience pain in your skin and even burning as it produces heat.

Lukelady home IPL RF hair removal laser is designed to overcome this problem for darker skin. The flash modes, lower energy IPL, RF (Radio Frequency) technology ensure the safety of darker skin. You can adjust the light intensity with this device.You will get a wide range at wavelength. The wavelength of this device is 550 to 1200mm. So, if you adjust it for longer IPL wavelength, the light will only reach the hair follicles past through your skin.And by controlling flash duration, you can avoid pain. So, you can blindly use Lukelady hair removal laser for dark and even black skin.

Let’s talk about the technology that is used in this device. The breakthrough for home hair laser removal is IPL RF technology. Lukelady brought this technology to provide a clinical result at home. You may ask what does IPL+RF stands for. IPL means intense pulsed light and RF means radiofrequency. SO, IPL+RF stands for a combination of these two technologies. It's a unique technology that ensures the best and safe result for pale to dark skin types.

Why you will use Lukelady laser hair removal? Well, many of us hate waxing or epilating. At least I can say that I really hate them. Because they hurt! If you do not want to go for those painful methods, then you will definitely like this laser removal. But laser treatments in IPL clinic is expensive. Right? So, this home laser removal device is the best solution for all these problems. It will save your time, money and save you from pain too.

Are the results satisfactory? If you ask me this question, I will tell you that the result seems quite satisfactory to me. After completing the sessions successfully, you are welcome to wear a sleeveless shirt, shorts, bikini, or any dress you want. The confidence level will rise higher than you ever expected. You will completely get rid of your unwanted body hair. And the result is pretty long-lasting compared to other devices.

As we discussed earlier, the Lukeday laser hair removal is suitable for any type of skin. No matter if you have light or dark skin, this machine can serve your purpose very well. Pale skin tone, olive skin tone, brown skin tone, white skin tone, dark skin tone all are suitable for this removal device. Lukelady is effective on different types of hair color too. This machine works perfectly on black or darker colored hair. But for white or light color, I don’t recommend this device.

I can tell you that Lukelady hair laser remover is suitable to use anywhere on your body. It can remove hair from your face, body, and even pubic hair. So, you can use it on any part that you want.

I am convinced that this is a heavy-duty IPL RF laser removal machine. This machine can provide 300,000 flashes. Is it enough? Well, if you want to remove your whole body hair, you might need around 2000 flashes. And for the whole treatment of 8 sessions, you will need just 16000 flashes. So, you can use this device for a long time.

If you talk about the safety issues of IPL RF laser removal, then I can assure you that the Lukelady device is totally safe. It is safe for both dark and light type skin. For home use, it is perfectly effective too. This device works very fast too. The sliding flashing time is 0.6-0.9 seconds. You don’t need hours to remove your hair. A few minutes will do the work fine.

Lukelady IPL RF laser hair removal has two flash modes. You can choose different modes according to their use. When you need to use the device for a small area, then try manual mode, and for a big area try auto flash mode. Manual mode is perfect for faces, underarms, and bikini areas. And for the rest of your body like arms and legs use auto flash mode. The auto flash mode will flash the light automatically. Just move the laser throughout your skin, and it will do the work automatically. Isn’t this feature cool, ha?

This machine has 3 intensive light modes. The intensity of light is 6 to 11J/cm². And the pulse width is 5ms. You can change the intensity of light according to the area you will work on. The higher the intensity level, the better the outcome is. But for the test run, you can use level 1 intensity.

The use of this laser removal machine is extremely easy. Just press the power button. Then choose the manual or automatic mode and intensity level. Then go for your desired area. Remember to keep the laser at a 90° angle with the skin surface. And move the device on the skin surface. Hey, it's all done!

This device is not that heavy. Its weight is just around 1.7kg. The power supply of this machine is 22Watt. With the device, you will get a US adapter plug and an EU adapter plug. And to operate the device you will also get a user manual with it.


  • IPL+RH technology
  • Safe for dark skin
  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Effective at home


  • Don’t use for light color hair
  • Not for sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t work on moles or worts
  • Not suitable for children and old people
  • Should be avoided when pregnancy
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