How to use at home laser hair removal device?

Select the appropriate intensity level

  1. Feel good when using this device. If you feel uncomfortable, reduce the intensity level. You can use the gear selection button to select the desired level
  2. If you move to another body part or have recently done self-tanning, skin tests should be performed to determine the appropriate gear.

Note: because the skin color of each part of the body may be different, you need to select the appropriate gear for each part. This device doesn't automatically select the appropriate gear.

Skin Type Gear setting

White, always sunburned, not tanning;

Beige, easy to sunburn, easy to sunburn into light black;

Light brown, easy to sunburn, self-tanning speed is slow, it turns brown;

Medium brown, easy to sunburn, self-tanning speed is slow;

Dark brown; Rarely sunburned easily to self-tanning; You cannot use this device

Brown, black or darker, rarely or never tanned dark black; You cannot use this device

Operation steps:


  1. Connect the power supply: plug in the power supply, LCD starts a second after the screen is not bright, Indicator light at long bright purple.
  2. Standby: Press the on / off button for 1 second for the device to start running with the sound of fan rotation. The LCD displays the current information, the number of flashes remaining( note: the default level 1 with manual mode, no ice sense). When the indicator light at changes from red to blue, the device can start to use.
  3. Ice - sensing mode: short press the ICE -Switch once, the LCD displays the snowflake icon, and the refrigeration panel starts to work. ( skip this if you don't need ice sensing)
  4. Gear conversion button, select the level you want. (press the ON/OFF button briefly to The strength of level 1 - 5 can be selected cyclically.
  5. Correct usage: place the flashlight window close ( all side contact ) to the skin, the indicator light at flashing, can start to depilate.

2. Flash mode

This device has two made options, single flash (manual mode) and sliding flash.

Sliding flash mode: After the device is turned on, the flash button is switched to the sliding mode by long-press the flash key without contacting the skin. Flash continuously by sliding slowly without pressing any key

Single flash (manual mode) Shortly press the flash button briefly to complete a flash.

Mode conversion: The device defaults to a single flash mode(manual mode). When the device is arranged in the sliding flash mode, the flash fight window does not flash while away from the skin, if you leave the skin for more than 10 seconds, the mode will automatically switch back to single flash mode, second to switch to single flash mode.

3. Ice - sensing mode:

If you only need to select the ice- sensing mode, after the device is turned on, press the ice-sensing switch key for 1 second, and the device will enter the ice-sensing nursing mode. The LCD screen switches to the current mode screen, the indicator is long blue. Can't flash at this time, the radiator fan is still working. If you need to return to flash mode, press the IWE -Switch for another 1 second to return to flash mode.

4. Power off, press ON / OFF for 1 second, and the device is powered off.

This device has two mode options, single flash (manual mode) and sliding flash.

The device has two flash modes, which make it easier to use in different body parts.

-The single flash (manual mode) is ideal for small or curved areas such as the knee and underarm. Just press and loosened the flash button to emit a flash.

-The sliding flash mode can be conveniently used for large area parts such as legs. You can slide the device on the skin while holding down the flash button to flash continuously.

Gear level

Gear adjustment determines the intensity of the flash reaching your skin. For a total of five levels, the corresponding intensity bar shows the selected intensity. As the intensity level increases, the risk of possible side effects and complications of depilation increases accordingly. Always use this product from the lowest level of strength. If you have no discomfort during the first depilation using the minimum strength level, the next use can increase the strength level by 1.

Do not increase the strength level if you feel uncomfortable during the use of this product(For more information, please see" Common problems and solutions“ )

If you feel comfortable using the previous stage, you can strengthen the level appropriately.

Make sure that the skin contact surface is pressed against the skin around, and then press the flash button to let go. Place the device next to the area of use in the next flash. This step of the flash mode ensures hair removal effects such as knees and ankles.

For many people, the use of this depilatory instrument is their first experience with optical depilatory equipment designed for home use. The depilation instrument is simple and easy to use, and the depilation speed is fast.

Note: When the machine cooling fan damage without rotation, please stop using the machine immediately, otherwise it may lead to flash rupture due to high temperature and damage the skin.

Flash- The bright light emitted by Ice sense sliding hair removal does not harm the eyes when directed at non-facial areas. Special eye protection is not necessary when using this product.

A fan noise- The cooling fan inside the device sounds similar to a hairdryer. This is normal.

A popping sound at each flash- When a flash is activated, it is normal to hear a soft popping sound and see a flash at the same time when a flash is being emitted.

A warm and tingling sensation- When a flash is administered, it is normal to feel a mildly warm and tingling sensation. Remember that is important to always use low settings for initial hair removal sessions. You may continue to feel some warm up to an hour after use.

Mild red or pink color- During or just after you use, it is not uncommon to see very mold pink coloration of the skin. This pink color is usually most noticeable around the hairs themselves. If your Skin is completely red or shows blisters or burns, stop using the device immediately.

After you use this device:

1.When you complete a depilation period long Press the ON/OFF button until the device is turned off.

2.Unplug the adapter from the electrical outlet and the AC cord from the device socket.

3.Put it back in its original box and away from the water. Skincare after hair removal session

Do not expose the treated areas of the skin to the sun. To protect recently treated skin when exposed to sunlight, be sure to apply a sunscreen with SPF30 or higher thoroughly for 2 weeks after each hair removal session.

Side effects and complications

Some users experience pigment changes after using the product. If it happens, it is both mild and transient. If you have any complications, please contact your doctor directly.

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