Lukelady Blackhead Vacuum Remover Review

Lukelady Blackhead Vacuum Remover Review

(This review is written by our customer Aimee)

What is your first inclination when you see many of blackheads on your face? Are you tempted to squeeze these blackheads? But squeezing is a very bad idea to remove blackheads because it will traumatize your face and can lead to secondary infections and scarring.

So what should you do about remove blackheads?

Many friends ask me how can I get rid of my blackheads fast, I always recommend them to use a blackhead vacuum. Because it is really effective. So what's blackhead vacuum? Blackhead Vacuums are suction devices used to remove impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads from problem areas of the face. These units utilize strong suction to pull the offending particles out of the pores.

Now let’s take a look at the Lukelady blackheads suction.

Lukelady Blackhead Vacuum Remover Review

I ordered the Lukelady blackhead vacuum remover from Lukelady after researching the product across Google. There are a few different versions of this blackhead vacuum remover but I opted for this one because it came with 5 different suction nozzles and it can be recharged via USB making it more portable. And I think it is very beautiful, I like its white color.

Lukelady Blackhead Vacuum Remover ReviewLukelady Blackhead Vacuum Remover Review

  • Microcrystalline probe any areas like wrinkly skin, body elbow and knee.
  • Oval hole head such as canthus ala nasi and lip around the neck
  • Big round hole head with cupping therapy effect for any areas of the body except for a periorbital area
  • Small round hole head sensitive skin like periorbital or canthus area or other facial areas  
  • Middle round hole head any facial areas expect for periorbital area

The actual body of the blackhead vacuum is reasonably light and easy to use and it comes with 3 levels of power to increase the suction strength. I tested all three levels and there is a noticeable difference in the suction power when switching between them. The nozzles are easy to attach and remove by twisting them on and off. Different color lights indicate different speed modes.

Lukelady Blackhead Vacuum Remover ReviewLukelady Blackhead Vacuum Remover ReviewLukelady Blackhead Vacuum Remover Review

I have used this blackheads vacuum over 2 weeks, I tried to use each nozzle on my face, the effects were more noticeable after use of the Lukelady blackhead vacuum. Though the skin would become red and look almost bruised in places after using the blackhead vacuum, this did not last long and left no negative lasting effects.

If you have watched other videos of these Blackhead Sucker, you will know that they are pretty graphics and in some cases show some pretty clogged pores being “sucked” clean! I am quite fortunate that as much as I have reasonably large pores they aren’t excessively clogged so the Remover did not have too hard a job to perform on my skin but I would love to test it on someone whose skin needs a really deep clean to see how effective it is!

I was pretty impressed with the end result and reassured that the blackhead remover was actually doing its job, given some negative reviews I had read from other people. The best nozzles I found for clearing the pores were actually the Big Round and Elliptical Nozzles, although the Small Round Nozzle also performed well. The Microcrystalline Nozzle did not remove anything in the same way as the other nozzles but it did exfoliate the skin gently leaving it feeling smoother.

Lukelady Blackhead Vacuum Remover Review

Overall, I have to say I found this blackhead vacuum did exactly what it said it would! Having used it a number of times I have noticed that my skin is clearer and less textured, I don’t have as many blackheads forming and I also think it is having a positive effect on any fine lines I had! It is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store and this particular model comes in white, black and red is very reasonably priced at just under $36 compared to some models I researched.

There are some guidelines to be aware of such as only using the Microcrystalline nozzle twice a week, not holding any nozzle in one place on the face for too long and not using on scars or if you have an actual skin disease, but generally it can be used by anyone and should have the same positive effects it has had on my skin! You'd better read the guide: how to use a blackhead vacuum before you use it.

I hope this review was useful and if you were looking for something different to clean your skin I would definitely suggest trying this product and this specific model! So far it has been well worth the money!

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