How to prevent whiteheads and blackheads?

How to prevent whiteheads and blackheads?

What are whiteheads? We have already introduced it in our previous articles. Whiteheads are a type of acne. As we know, our human 's skin can produce natural oil and dead skin cells, when the natural meets the dead skin cells in the pores, they become trapped within one of your pores, the pore becomes clogged with sebum, and the pore is covered by a thin layer of skin that traps the plug beneath the surface. Because they are not exposed to air it remains white or sometimes a yellowish color, so we called t whiteheads. With blackheads, the oil and dead skin cells are open to the skin's surface, where the oxygen reacts with skin pigments, making a black, pin-dot head. So the reason for cause whiteheads or blackheads your skin surface is not very clean.

So how to prevent whiteheads?

1. Avoid using contain oil makeup products. These contain oil makeup products add increased oil to your pores, which can result in whiteheads or blackheads. We recommend you can buy non-comedogenic products. And your makeup must be carefully removed at bedtime.

2. Keeping your skin clean is important. You can wash your face gently 2 to 3 times a day with a natural soap or non-soap cleanser and warm water to remove excess oil, dirt and other pollutants from the skin, leaving the pores less clogged. Use a soft face cloth and pat dry gently.  Using a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acids--such as glycolic acid--or salicylic acid may help to keep dead skin cells out of the pores, according to Audrey Kunin, MD, writing for DERMA Doctor.

And you'd better do a regular deep face clean, you can read this guide about How to clean your face at home to know more about doing a deep face clean. By the way, whiteheads not only in the face skin but also in other parts of the body, so a gentle shower every day will also help to remove excess oil.

3. Wash your hair frequently and keep off the face as much as possible. Avoiding long bangs on the forehead if your skin is inclined to be oily. Hair also can produce oil and dandruff, they are also an important source of whiteheads.

4. Do not pick, scratch, rub or scrub your skin especially if there are any whiteheads or other pimples because this can spread both them and any bacteria on the skin.

5. Exfoliate the skin using a facial scrub once to twice per week. Exfoliation is especially important when preventing and treating whiteheads and blackheads because the particles in the pore may be very slow to seep out of the pores, according to

6. Apply a topical lotion that contains sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15 or higher. This also can contain a known acne fighter, such as azelaic acid, retinol and alpha hydroxy acids.

7. Wearing loose clothing made of non-synthetic fabrics, such as cotton

8. Keep a good habit

  • Eat health food including fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs and organic meats. Take care to avoid sodas, artificial sweeteners, sugars and refined and processed foods.
  • Drink much water: you'd better to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to hydrate the skin and get rid of all toxins. A glass of water with a slice of lemon in it will be a natural detox as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • Avoid any smoking
  • Do exercise regularly.
  • Top up your vitamin D levels and improve your skin and appearance with regular doses of sunlight.
  • Have enough sleep. Enough sleep also is good at your body health, a healthy body will be good at your skin.

You can read this guide: “Best Natural Beauty Tips for Healthy Skin Care” get more tips about what should you do and eat, very recommend.

How to remove whiteheads?

steam face

There are many ways to remove your whiteheads and blackheads, such as a facial steamer and blackheads vacuum when you do face steam and then use a blackheads vacuum to remove whiteheads, it will get a very good effect. Face steam is a very important step for prevention and treatment whiteheads. (reference the Benefits of Steaming Face and How to steam your face at home) And if you use a blackheads vacuum, you’d better to read this user guide: How to use a blackhead vacuum!

More solution?

You can read this tip: How to get rid of whiteheads, 7 ways to remove whiteheads.

If you can follow such healthy lifestyle guidelines, not only will you go a long way to preventing acne and whiteheads, but you will also notice improved skin and all-around health improvement.

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