Laser Therapy for Hair Loss: All You Need to Know

Hair loss is a common problem among both genders. Many-a-times, the symptoms are not so vital, and it is not a cause for concern. The mild symptoms may happen due to bathing, blow-drying your hair, or even just sleeping. And while most people don't get alarmed by hair loss, it is a cause for concern for many others.

It does not matter if your hairs have started for hair loss or they are at the critical stages of hair loss. There are many hair loss solutions available in the medical world to stop the problem of hair loss. Laser therapy or PRP for hair loss is also one of the solutions you may be looking for. First, let us understand the science behind hair loss.

What's the reason for your hair fall?

The exact reason for hair loss may not be known. The most typical type of hair loss is due to genetics. It is common in both males and females. Genetics also affects the age at which you start to lose hair, the rate and the size of baldness. Another type of hair loss is pattern baldness, which is most common in men and can begin in the early stages of life.

What else could be the reason except for genetics?

Beyond genetics, there could be some other reasons for that too. These reasons include:

  • You may be using excessive styling and cosmetic products like gel and wax. These products carry chemicals that may be harmful to your hairs.
  • Hairstyles such as ponytails may also affect your hairs.
  • The excessive use of shampoo, combing, and brushing can be the cause too.
  • Certain types of diseases can affect hair health too.
  • Other reasons include surgeries, flu, child reasons, and others.
  • An imbalanced diet also has a major influence on the health of your hair.

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss – WHAT IS IT?

Thanks to improvements and innovations in medical science. There are advanced solutions that patients can opt to restore their hairs at a very early age. For this purpose, low-level laser therapy (or LLLT) and PRP for hair loss are most common. LLLT uses advanced laser technology to treat hair loss and hair loss for both men and women. LLLT is a non-invasive and pain-free light technology to treat hair follicles and restart the growth of the hair in a natural way.

Features of LLLT for Hair Restoration

With the passage of time, people have started to realize the importance of LLLT treatment as it provides excellent results with less risk. Here are four more benefits of laser hair growth therapy:

  • It's safe and effective. According to the National Institutes of Health, LLLT stimulated hair growth in mice subjected to certain conditions. Then, it was implemented in humans. Clinical trials showed that LLLT stimulated hair growth in both genders. Thus, studies show that LLLT for hair growth is safe and effective in both men and women.
  • It's a new and powerful method. The medical community has been using the old type of laser technology for a very long time. Medical uses range from surgery, which uses high power lasers for the stimulation of hair follicles.
  • There are no scars, cutting, or burning. No one wants to get hurt during surgery. In LLLT, the laser used is referred to as 'cold'. This laser only heats the tissue of the hairs and not affects the tissues of the skin. It uses a very light wavelength. The laser used in LLLT is not a light source that causes thermal damage. Patients don't feel any cutting or burning sensation at all.
  • It's a proven method to increase hair density. Surgeons have been using lasers to remove the hair follicles. However, modern-day science has shown that it can be used to restore hairs too. 

The positive side.

We have already studied the positive side of this method that is written above. There are a number of reasons that explains its positive side:

  • It is a safe and non-invasive procedure.
  • It is a painless method.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It improves hair strength and density.
  • It is more powerful than other hair restoration methods.

The negative side.

There are a number of reasons that some people are not as positive about the procedure, such as:

  • It may be time-consuming. Treatment usually demands several sessions a week for a few months. Although the number of sessions might reduce with time, most experts suggest the treatment for the entire life.
  • It can interact with other medications. Laser therapy can not be performed on people who have to take medications that are photosensitizing. 
  • It may get costly. Such type of treatment can cost thousands of bucks a year.
  • The treatment is still under improvement. Since it is a new type of treatment in the medical field and it can not assure results for a long time. Long-term safety and long-term effectiveness have not yet been verified.


So far, we have read about the meaning, benefits, and some drawbacks of Laser Therapy Treatment. However, it is strongly advised you take advice from a medical expert to get full knowledge about it. There are plenty of other methods available in the medical field, like PRP for hair loss is also one of the effective methods. You can go with whatever method you are comfortable with depending upon your time, money, and type of condition.

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