1800W Professional Ionic Blow Hair Dryer - Hot/Cold Air

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Lukelady 1800W Professional Ionic Blow Hair Dryer comes with diffusers comb ionic, with moisturizing ions, short drying time, while taking care of your hair to release negative ions. Salon-level hair care, deeply nourish hair, repair hair scales, long-term use, soft and shiny hair.

    1800W Professional Ionic Blow Hair Dryer

    1. Moisturizing Negative Ion
    2. Independent Hot/Cold Air and 2 Speed Setting
    3. Smart Constant Temperature Technology Hair Care
    4. 1800W High Powerful Drying

    Our Hair Dryer Adopt Ionic Technology Caring Your Hair

    Release hair care moisturizing ion, adopt air collection technology, wide air duct structure, can release high-speed airflow, under the same function, the wind is large and concentrated, with moisturizing ions, short drying time, while taking care of your hair to release negative ions. Salon-level hair care, deeply nourish hair, repair hair scales, long-term use, soft and shiny hair.

    Independent Hot/Cold Air and 2 Speed Setting

      This professional ion hair dryer offers 3 different hairstyles and drying time modes, as well as heating and hot and cold settings for different hair types. In addition, 2 different nozzles are provided to meet the needs of the dryer wind and evenly disperse the air. Double care for optimal control and versatility in your hair.

      Safe Radiation Free

      High-strength nylon shell made of high-quality nylon material effectively insulates against scalding. Working noise is lower than 68dB. Low magnetic wave structure saves energy. Reduce electromagnetic field radiation.

      • For kids: Negative ion moistening away from ionizing radiation
      • For Pregnancy: Homogeneous heat and constant temperature hair care

      Professional 1800W powerful gallop ac motor, spend less time drying your hair

      Dries hair 2x faster than a tradition hair dryer, ionic ceramic technology makes hair glossy and frizz-free. Lighter motor, reduce your shoulder burden when using.

      Comes with three attachments for a variety of styles: two nozzle attachments that give focused drying and a diffuser attachment that gives you beautiful, natural curls without the frizz.

      1. The styling nozzle of ionic hair dryer concentrates the airflow on to a small area of hair for fast easy styling. It's ideal for blow-drying with comb and styling brush. Divide the hair into small sections and point the dryer along the hair shaft from the roots to the ends, to give a smooth, professional finish to the hair
      2. With the dryer turned off, attach the diffuser to the end of the nozzle. Use the dryer on a low heat and speed setting. Tousled, natural-looking waves are easily created by grasping hair at the roots and scrunching between fingertips while drying.


        • PROFESSIONAL Constant Temperature - With faster and quieter high-end 1800w DC motor, three gears of heat/speed settings and cool shot button, become your carry-on salon hairstylist
        • HAIR CARE BETTER - Negative ion emitter makes it possible to home use, Hot and cold wind combination of built-in ionic generator and ceramic tourmaline technology produce the charming hairstyle featuring glossy, meek and non-frizzy. Intelligent constant temperature air-out cares for the internal health of hair
        • VERSATILE HAIR STYLING TOOL -Two attachments: Concentrator nozzle, featuring fast drying and precise molding, and unique air comb, integrating combing and smoothing hair in one step in the course of drying
        • POWERFUL DRYING - Equipped with a powerful AC motor and 1800 watts designed to provide enough power for effective and efficient hair drying. It comes with both narrow and wide concentrator for faster drying.
        • HAIR STYLE SETTER - Create different hairstyles in a breeze and make your look unique! This hair dryer comes with a cool shot button that's specially designed for setting curls or styled hair, so you won't have to worry about your hair being messed up.


        • Applicability:110V only, US only
        • Dryer Weight: 1.65lb/0.75kg
        • Working Mode:2 Speed /3 heat
        • Voltage: 110V-125V only , 60Hz
        • Portable Hanging Loop
        • ALCI safety plug.
        • 8.69ft (2.65m) Cord with Cord Wrap
        • different air concentrator and diffuser


        • 1x 1800 Watt Professional Salon Hair Dryer
        • 1x Concentrator
        • 1x Diffuser
        • 1x Instruction Manual
        • 1x Original box

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 42 reviews
        Fantastic Hair Dryer

        I absolutely love this hair dryer it's professional and can dry my hair quickly. Overall, I think this is a good hair dryer and great price.

        Great hair dryer

        I needed a cheap hair dryer in a time pinch but didn’t have time to research. Some of my girlfriends were trying to talk me into buying a $200 hair dryer and after talking to them, my expectations were very low. I’m not sure what kind of job a $200 hair dryer is supposed to do but I was pleasantly surprised with how fast this hair dryer dried my very thick hair!


        First, it’s designed is pretty like Dyson, which I think it’s fine. The wind is mild, and maybe just my feeling, (I have very long hair) it reduced the dry and split ends. It helped. Well, the surface is fragile a little bit, easy to give scratches. But I don’t bother, as it really helped with my hair.

        Powerful, true cold shot

        I wash my wavy, bobbed hair every 4 days and use my hair dryer for both wash-day blowouts and everyday touch-ups. I've had this hair dryer for about 2 weeks now. It is smaller than my previous two hair dryers (a professional Hot Tools that lasted 10 years, and a non-pro Hot Tools that lasted all of 2 years meh), lighter, and a bit quieter.


        This is such a powerful blow dryer!