Electric Blackhead Remover Vacuum - Comedone Pore Sucker

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This revolutionary blackheads vacuum device will have your skin clear of blackheads within seconds. The design and operation of the machine are highly user-friendly which makes it convenient to use for everyone from amateurs to professionals.

blackhead remover
  1. Our blackheads vacuum painlessly removes blackheads from the root!
  2. The suction power is bigger than the traditional blackhead suction machine.
  3. Five suction heads, fit for different blackheads and skin, remove horny and dead skin
  4. Vacuum suction system to promote skin blood circulation and lifting the skin
  5. With the light on the machine head, easy for you to see your skin clearly
  6. Great for all skin types include normal, rough, wrinkled, dry, and sensitive. All can benefit from our skin vacuum.
  7. Deeply clean face, remove blackhead, acne, pimple skin and dead skin to achieve glowing youthful skin.
  8. Comes with a USB charger cord so you can easily use at home or on the go while traveling.
  9. This blackhead remover machine turns off in 5 minutes after full charging and enters the auto sleep mode. And features auto-protect when a short circuit start.Electric Facial Vacuum Pore Cleaner Acne Blackhead Removal
Five suction heads

  • Diamond head: It can scrub exfoliating the dead skin, and suck it out, so to repair skin and remove wrinkle and acne.
  • Big circle hole head: Powerful suction blackheads, apply to blackheads.
  • Small circle hole head: Suction is weak, it can be used to suck blackheads, such as thin skin, tender, allergies part.
  • Oval hole head: Weak suction, apply to the 2 sides of the nose. Remove wrinkle. After sucking the skin, quickly unplug, unplug and then suck again. Promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, effectively removes lines wrinkle.
  • Pointed small head: Special for those soft skin that cannot hold by strong power suction.
Electric Facial Vacuum Pore Cleaner Acne Blackhead Removal
To maximize your Lukelady Blackheads Vacuum's results follow these simple instructions:

  • Step 1: You must use a facial steamer or hot towel for 10 minutes to warm your face and open up your facial pores. Recommend read "Benefits of Steaming Face" and "How to steam your face at home?"
  • Step 2: Apply the blackhead derives liquid on the blackhead place for 5 minutes.
  • Step 3: Choose a head, start with the lower suction power, moves the device along the blackhead motion back and forth.
  • (Please do not stay at one spot over 3 seconds. Remember that move the machine around in a direction along the way, don't move back and forth)
  • Step 4: After use, please use a cold towel or cold mask to close your facial pores and after that apply face moisturizers.

More detail guide you can read "How to use a blackheads vacuum".

Electric Facial Vacuum Pore Cleaner Acne Blackhead Removal
Installation steps:
  1. Parts including working heads, cotton, rubber rings.
  2. Put the cotton into the filter, and then install the cover.
  3. Choose a suitable working and install it.
Electric Facial Vacuum Pore Cleaner Acne Blackhead Removal
Package content:
  • Blackhead vacuum device x 1
  • Microcrystalline probe x 1
  • Oval probe x 1
  • Small size circular form probe x 1
  • Big size circular form probe x 1
  • Small Pointed probe x 1
  • Sponge x5
  • Silica gel ring x 2
  • USB charging wire x 1
  • Operation manual x 1
    Electric Facial Vacuum Pore Cleaner Acne Blackhead Removal
    Lukelady Blackhead VacuumLukelady Blackhead VacuumLukelady Blackhead Vacuum
    Buyer notice:
    • This Machine needs Press button 3-5 seconds Until the light turns on.
    • When you receive the item, please run out of the battery, then full charge the machine.
    • And when you get it charged, you need put the machine vertically on the charging base. If the machine
    • can't normally charge, may the machine bottom does not touch firmly, please clean the machine bottom in the dry rag, make sure the machine bottom is cleaning.
    • 4All of the machines have been tested before we ship out, if you have any questions after you receive the machine, please feel free to contact us.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 81 reviews
    Nice gift

    Gift for my wife, she like it)

    Nice product.

    Nice product. There is not much suction power, but the effect is satisfactory. There are of course more tips, exactly as in the description. Recommend.

    Received quite fast.

    Received quite fast. Charged about 1 hour before test try. When applied to skin the suction effect is not felt much only when trying to pull it off the skin. NB: tried on not-warmed face!!! results might be much much better after shower or damping the face. It did get some dirt from my nose.

    Not a bad thing. Quite good for home use.

    I will see what will happen if i use regularly. The face is better to steam before using the device, there will be more effect. Adjustable speed, also convenient. Charged from the outlet, but during use the cord is not needed. Before the first use, you need to charge. In general, i recommend to buy. As a gift is also suitable. Looks pretty, packed well. Delivery by courier to the door.


    Track number tracked, everything is fine. Packing is pleasant)