IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal at Home Device

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1* Eye Protection Safety Glass + 1* Shaving Knife + 1* Silky Skin Lamp.

IPL Hair Removal takes only 30 minutes to remove your unwant hair, remove hair whenever you want, 100% guaranteed harmless, fast, safe and easy to use.

5 Levels Of Light Pulse Intensity

Suggest to use level 1 at first, to high level, the better effect

300,000 Flashes: A single person only need to 2,000 flashes remove a whole body hair, and it can reduce hair growth in 8 times. The complete treatment only needs about 16,000 flashes.  

You can choose a single flash or contionous flash depending on your skin.

    What body parts' hair you can remove?

    Lukelady IPL Hair Removal can remove your unwant hair on arms, legs, face, armpits, back, bikini line and any part of your body that you want.


      • Product size: 135 * 55 * 40 mm
      • Color: White
      • 22 w, 100-240 v
      • Light: Intense Pulsed Light
      • Pulse: 300,000 flashes
      • Wavelength 475-1200 mm

      How does the IPL hair remover work?

      The IPL hair remover uses IPL technology that emits rapid light pulses. The pulse works under the skin's surface to target hairs at the root to inhibit their growth.

      How to use the IPL hair remover? 

      Shave the hair you want to remove before use this IPL Hair Removal and then put the IPL Hair Removal on your skin for a few seconds, the machine should be 90° to the skin. 

      How often do you need to use the IPL Hair Removal?

      We recommend using your handset once a week for the first 12 weeks. After this period use your handset once a month, for 3 months or until satisfied. To maintain hairless smooth skin, use your handset once every 2 to 3 months, or as needed.

        Package includes:

        • 1 * IPL Hair Remover
        • 1 * Adapter plug (US, EU or UK plug)
        • 1 * Manual
        • 1*  Eye protection glasses
        • 1*  Shaving Knife
        • 1*  Silky Skin Lamp

        This IPL Hair Removal device effectively removes unwanted hairs and inhibits it from growing with continuous use.  It works using IPL technology that emits rapid light pulses. The pulse works under the skin's surface to target hairs at the root to inhibit their growth. It's gentle enough for everyday use and it won't cause irritation at all! 

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 174 reviews
          I have got it!

          It’s extremely easy to use, no pain, no redness or irritation, and it’s saved me hundreds of dollars!


          Is have been really good I’m in my 7 weeks and I can totally see the difference can’t wait to finish and see my entire legs without hair!

          So Good!

          It's only week 6 (half-way through the recommended time), and there's no question the hairs have minimized. Thick hairs along the chin and neck had been ruthless, but now I have hope, if not of completely eliminating, then at least of keeping the hairs very thin and soft. Highly recommend as an in-home device. Worth the price!


          Today I will finish the first treatment covering my wifes body. you have to work in small sections and revisit. once every four weeks. so Tomorrow we will start again where we first started 4 weeks ago.


          It only flash when it touches the skin, press to the skin then press the button, very safety